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Friends, and total strangers….

I’ve had a couple requests for my schedule, and since I’m currently more interested in whether penguins are hatching in Patagonia than how to figure out the calendar feature on WordPress, I’m hoping you all can settle for the little list of places and dates below. It’s a rough outline; as I may have mentioned lately, I realize I probably should have titled this blog, “”

Through November 25th:                  Chile

November 29-December 14:           Myanmar

December 14-December 22:           Cambodia

December 22-January 2:                  Vietnam

January 2 – January 5:                     Thailand (does anyone else see a problem with my ‘New Year’s on a Thai beach’ plan?)

January 6 – January 12:                   Jordan

January 13 – January 26:                 Kenya

January 31 – February 12:               Morocco

February 13 – February 20:             Spain

February 21 – March 1:                    France and Switzerland (Geneva)

March 1 – March 7:                           Amsterdam

March 8 – March 14:                         Eastern Europe TBD

March 15 – April 5:                            Turkey

Looking at it now is pure insanity and I already know how much I’ll miss the things I don’t get to because of time. It’s also pure excitement to see on a page all the amazing places I will get to experience before flying back into DFW, six months and one week to the hour after I flew in for my pre-departure visit. I will be jet lagged and travel weary and hopefully wiser and definitely ready for a Manhattan on the Tried and True patio so someone hook that up!

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