I went on a wander and tried to figure out what I was doing there. Here’s day 1 of learning what it means when people say, “It’s Your Camino”    It’s April, and things are blooming.    I got a Do Over and I loved every minute of it.    Now, more than ever,…

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Ever think about packing it all up and heading out to see the world? Here’s a little about me and why I did it.  Read more…   Why Worth Packing In? Because it’s as good a measure as any. Find out how this blog got its name.  Read more…

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Can’t Get Enough?

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11 thoughts on “Worth Packing In

  1. Leslie Wilson

    Dear Jenna,

    I am so impressed with ALL of IT – the photos, your attitude, your words on “paper” but mostly your independence!!
    Loving that!
    Leslie, your mom’s friend

  2. Jenna, this is just great fun. I just shared “Are YOU my cemetery” on my Facebook page, and look forward to reading other posts. Of course, I can’t be online without also inviting you to check out my Boomers & Beyond blog, or my new book’s new Facebook page, which now makes this sound way more like a pitch than a congrats, people with new books are boring to the extreme. But back to the real message: this is just great fun. Go for it! Fran, as in Fran & Bud

  3. Tanya Hanrihan

    Hi Jenna,
    I just started reading. I think all of the Glasser girls have a gift with words, but this is wonderful. I will be previewing and then and sharing with my daughters, they will think Aunt Bizzy’s sister is amazing…as do I.

  4. You are gonna love LA. It’s full of excitement, color, action and warmth. Just learn to drive and explore. Plus, you’ll live near my daughter in Glendale. And maybe you can join the Disney directors, writers and story artists at a fun party.

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