I went on a wander and tried to figure out what I was doing there. Here’s day 1 of learning what it means when people say, “It’s Your Camino”

 IMG_0236 It’s April, and things are blooming.
 0192ddb2c0fb87708fa30533a431bc9cc340289993 I got a Do Over and I loved every minute of it.
 017397ed1a3f62b9886fcbd902ba176b3ce2c4ce26 Now, more than ever, it’s time to remember that Democracy is not a spectator sport.
  There is no picture to go with the Sound of Silence.
 img_4775-3Back on Orcas, out in the woods, feeling the difference between dragging and hauling you know what.
 01faa18a434777466eff45cb9c68915016599335c5People keep asking me if I’m committing to LA. I just realized what eternal commitment to this town means when I visited Hollywood Forever.
 01e2fa7b796297df47839f4f76370ce22e98c76a6c My first urban love affair – and maybe my only – is with San Francisco. I left my heart there.
 01f16d973f440e8f983f495109aebb4b84fdab4f61 I start work tomorrow. Looks like the jig is up (for now).
This Herd, a decade ago and a continent away An unexpected trip to DC has me contemplating dating and the herd mentality.
 Side view series Bessie finally drove off into the sunset last month.
 IMG_3899 My memory of Bodie is of the wind, and the wood.
 Mark_Nixon__Much_Loved_Kitty.jpg  I’ve gone to my happy place, and it’s full of Hello Kitty.
 011f6ce34539de85876bbbc2f95b1a9a54d4afdfa0  Seven Steps to a Better Road Trip
 01301b953e73c4efec493e5b9287b13c95fc502366 The importance of feeling small.
 Sarah and The Ten POWs For Passover, a story of exodus.
 tiara fluff Finding my inner Jew, I mean joy 
What you are gifted when the prior tenant is a set designer. It comes with an apology because it's not to scale.Digging in to holding still is just as exhausting as we all predicted it would be.
 IMG_7818Today is my one month LAAnniversary, and I’m really not sure what I’ve been doing all this time.
 IMG_3436b What is left when gratitude isn’t enough?
 IMG_3251 Road kill of a different kind.
 IMG_7609 This time, go THAT way.
 IMG_3050b The mundane importance of flying a kite.
 IMG_6824 This one time, in America
 IMG_3367bRefocusing on domestic modes of travel, and long, reliable steeds.
 DSCN5829I’m on my way back to the States, and the only thing that keeps going through my head is, “I want ALL the adventures!”
 In the Gold Coast town of Tarifa, the wind blows away anything you don’t need.
 IMG_9747Sevilla, la baila, shopping, and the meaning of memory.
Washington StateThe challenge with ending a trip like this is learning how to make the familiar, unfamiliar.
 AAatairportbI’m on the road again, and it feels just like going home.
 IMG_3029You think I’ve been on vacation for the last six months, but I’ve actually been doing some very intense New Math.
 IMG_0703 I used to think I knew where I was from. Then people started asking me.
 IMG_1455You think you know Yoda?
 imageYou think you know Van Gogh?
 IMG_9202bI fell in love with Kenya for all the wrong reasons
 100_0067This is a story about a girl, who went out to see the world.
 IMG_8186Sometimes the irritating constant stream of tourism logistics take a surprising turn for the better. Here’s one of those times.
 IMG_7863My brief experience as an unquiet American in Vietnam.
 IMG_7121Sometimes I realize what we think is our new experience is just a little bit of history repeating
 IMG_6437I can’t travel around the world without a report on the Happy Room.
 IMG_6726I was almost the Bandit of Bagan. Almost.
Myanmania has struck, and everyone’s flocking to be first.
 imageContemplating being Business Classy while continent-hopping.
 IMG_4518How to Have An AdventurePart IPart IIPart III
 imageYou can’t fight the romance – or the urge to climb – in the train cemetery
 IMG_4249Catch me if you can: to help you, here’s a rough outline of where I’ll be.
 IMG_5452Even in Parque Tayrona, there is nothing but the heat.
In Bogota, there is something of military interest to even the most pacifist among us. Fun and guns for everyone!
 IMG_4131A gentler truth
 IMG_3849Well, here I am….terrified and learning to love it.
 IMG_3292I’ve been spending time in Heaven on Earth, which is making me think a lot about what, exactly, heaven is.
Life, tidy-sizedIt’s the state with everything – dioramas, drills, crazy rain storms and the Crazy Woman River. What’s not to love about Wyoming?
 IMG_2975I’m chasing my ancestors down the path of their history, backwards through the towns they settled along highway 42 in Oregon.
 IMG_4527Walnut Canyon looks like nothing coming in: a highway exit outside of Flagstaff, a quick sharp turn and the road becomes small, quiet. High, arid mountain scenery. Smell of rain coming in. You get out of your car, walk to the edge, and it falls before you.
 A guy should really buy you a stiff drink before he pulls you onto his lap and straps on a harness. That’s what I’m thinking.
 image What’s a traveler to do when it’s time to say Goodbye to Good Gear? I wasn’t prepared to investigate this quite so early in my trip, but here goes…
 IMG_3173Tomorrow, I will watch Dallas fade in my rearview mirror for the last time as a resident. How am I feeling? Find out here.
 My Life in StorageWhat do you learn when you take all your belongings and put them in storage? Find out here.
 WindmillOut the empty highway, Marine recruitment billboards proclaim, “We don’t take applications, we take committments.”   Read more…
IMG_0169When the time came to quit my job, I wasn’t sure a radical approach was what I wanted, despite being a lefty. So what did I do? Read more…
 Budhat How do you measure an experience? Read about why this blog is Worth Packing In  Read more…

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