IMG_3960Ever fantasize about packing it all in and heading out to see the world?

Me too. So I am.

I just quit my decently-paying, relatively-secure job with a global financial services firm to actually see the globe, or a portion of it.  I’m packing all my belongings into a storage unit in Dallas, hopping in the car with my dog Spanky, and driving around the country for a bit. And then, I’m hopping on a plane and wandering south. And west. And maybe north. And then west again.

Spanky prepping for a road trip

Spanky prepping for a road trip

To some, this move is extreme, but traveling is in my blood. I come from a great group of seemingly normal people who have managed to head out on wonderful adventures around the globe. You can learn a little about them in my first post, which will also explain why I call this blog, “Worth Packing In.”

Writing is also in my blood. I wrote my first story about an alligator underneath the swimming dock when I was about 8. Nevermind the dock was in a freshwater lake in Northwestern Washington. I’m sure those eyes I saw belonged to a giant reptile. If I can catch a detail like that, it just makes sense to keep catching them and blog about this trip.

My itinerary is still TBD. Adventure, calamity, and some gastrointestinal distress are assured. Recommendations on everything from destinations and modes of travel, to local foods to enjoy are welcome, as are invitations.

Thanks for reading, and please share!

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Jenna!
    It’s Sheeeeela, sitting on Eelman’s Point on Cape Cod in 20 deg weather being transported
    by your amazing photography. Wow. Must be the combination of subject matter and
    format because they pull you right in, those pictures. You look happy! And you’re brave!

  2. David Hill

    How fo I follw your blog? I don’t read blogs so I don’t know how to enroll or sign up or do it. I liked your blog that Ginny posted to In The Moment, For me there are two kinds of traveling: “traveling” and “traveling alone” very different things. Bon voyage.

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